Prestige roofing and high-end products

Your roof can account for 40% or more of the “exterior appeal” of your Home

A roof is more than just a collection of shingles; to protect your home, rely on GAF’s lifetime roofing solutions. Made of premium materials, GAF’s integrated roofing systems are designed to keep your home safe from wind, rain and other elements that can cause damage and require costly repairs. Their superior construction is backed by a lifetime warranty, so you can always count on their effectiveness. And with a wide selection of styles to suit every budget, GAF makes replacing your roof simple and enjoyable.

Solar panels

Here’s the Decotechtm system… A wonderful, affordable alternative to traditional rack-mounted solar panels

Your roof can account for 40% or more of the “exterior appeal” of your Home

Maintenance System

Liquid coating solution whether for a low slope roof or an RV

Liquid-applied roofing solutions can help extend the life of structurally sound roofs through their ability to eliminate many of the failure points associated with many aging low-slope roofs. Liquid-applied roofs can also help add solar reflectivity properties to dark-colored roofs, significantly reducing energy costs

Tinplate Service and Custom Products

Our best tinsmithing service in less than 24 hours!

Fibrass-system is concerned with and ensures :

  • Understanding the most demanding needs of our customers,
  • Propose solutions adapted to your reality,
  • Have products designed to the expected quality and to your desired timelines

Roofing | Metal wall cladding

Do you work in the installation and repair of roofing or metal wall coverings? Since our beginnings, we have developed a solid expertise to specifically meet your needs. Choose a partner of choice!

Special Projects

Do you have special needs? With our expertise we can help with special projects to develop design and craft related works. Find out how we can meet your needs.


Is a project starting soon? Are you in the middle of a project? And you need sheet metal by-products quickly? We can meet your need in the shortest possible time and without affecting the service and quality of your products.


Do you need quality products derived from the best sheet metal materials on the market? We are distributors of well-known brands in the industry, guaranteeing you all the durability properties and aesthetic aspects you are looking for.